Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spotlight On: Mitchell Evans

This week we get to meet Mitchell Evans! He's just about to finish his second year as a Musical Theatre BFA, and by the end of this year he will have been involved in 11 productions at MSU! You may recognize him in roles such as Neleus in Mary Poppins, Noah "Horse" T. Simmons in The Full Monty, Simon Bright in The Game's Afoot or a Wickersham brother in Seussical. You may have also seen him dancing in the MSU Dance Concerts. Mitchell does it all!

Name: Mitchell Douglas Evans
Hometown: Litchfield, Minnesota
Year/Major: Sophomore/Musical Theatre
Current Role: Mereb in AIDA and Spring Dance Concert

How did you get your start in theatre? Growing up I’d always been a choir boy and didn’t do my first show until 8th grade when our choir director told us we were doing The Wizard of Oz and they needed a bunch of short kids to play munchkins. So I tried out and was a Lollipop Guild munchkin amongst other ensemble roles and I loved every second of it.

Mitchell in The Wizard of Oz

What's your favorite thing about theatre? The reason I did theatre in high school was because I loved performing and the social aspect that it brought to my life. Now as a young artist I do it to express myself in a way that I couldn’t on the streets of Mankato. I not only continue theatre because I only love to perform but it’s also so rewarding to be able to tell someone’s story and to hopefully reach out and touch someone’s heart and open their eyes to something they might not have before. There's also nothing like the adrenalin rush you get just before a curtain opens or light comes up that I live for. 

What's your favorite MSU Theatre memory? My favorite MSU theatre memories honestly are my days off. Not because I don't love rehearsing or performing, but because of the little memories I've created with everyone and it's so fun getting to know everyone off stage. Doing things like apple picking, sleepovers, jumping in freezing lakes, kayaking, baking and exploring the area. It's just refreshing to remember life outside of theatre making it that much more rewarding going back to it. Since coming to school I’ve also taken a knack for dancing way more than I’d anticipated, last semester I participated in my first dance concerts where I performed in two pieces and debuted as a choreographer in our student showcase. I also participated in my first ACDA contest last week in Duluth as a box technician for one of MSU, Mankato’s dances that performed and made it into the gala concert. 

Titanic: The Musical

Plans after graduation? I can say with a smile that I hate the question, because this industry is so unpredictable. I’m hoping to attend the UPDAs audition my senior year and to get my first job from that. Otherwise, I hope to go out to Seattle or Chicago and perform for a few years until who knows, maybe graduate school or something. Eventually I’d like to create a program for young artist within the foster care system, to help them be able to become the artists they want to be. 

2016 Spring Dance Concert

Any advice for aspiring performers? The best advice I could give an aspiring performer would be to just give it a try, good or bad, just get your butt to that audition or rehearsal and see where it takes you! It’s taken me places as a performer and person that I never thought I’d go! 

Achievements: This January I got to participate in the KCACTF Irene Ryan competition as a partner to Jessica Staples, where we made it as one of the 16 finalists. 


  1. Oh Mitchell you are such a beautiful soul. I hope you know how much you are ❤️ loved.