Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spotlight On: Jayme Beerling

Our student spotlights are back! We have an overwhelming amount of talented performers, directors, stage managers, designers and technicians here at MSU Theatre and Dance. We think it's about time you get to know some of them more intimately.

First up, Jayme Beerling! You might not recognize her onstage, but her work behind the scenes is extraordinary. Jayme is one of our senior Stage Managers, and believe us when we say, the show could not go on without her!

Name: Jayme Beerling
Hometown: Prior Lake, Minnesota
Year/Major: Senior, BFA Theatre Design & Technology
Current Show: AIDA

How did you get your start in theatre? Elementary school in the 1st grade production of something I don't remember! But I was always volunteering to get off stage and help with lights, sound and the set and I was always sad that I wasn’t ever picked. Its probably what made me not audition the most in high school because I wanted to do the backstage stuff. It just seemed like a lot more fun to me.

What's your favorite thing about theatre? I really love the “why”. When doing a production it's important to understand why the company is doing that production. Plus, being the Stage Manager makes me the first number one fan of any show I’m working on.

The cast of Frankenstein 1930 
Favorite MSU theatre memory? My dance concert lighting design or my scene designs are probably my most rewarding memory.  It was really great to watch the set come to life or help convey the story of the dance with the lighting.

What are your plans after graduation? I will be attending Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan for an MFA in Stage Management!

Any advice for aspiring Stage Managers? Ask questions! Take some psychology classes. Listen when people are talking to you, give them your full attention and then digest. Never be the “no” person, when a cast member or director wants something- you don’t get to say “no” it’s "I’ll ask." :)

Favorite past show? Titanic the Musical


  • USITT Vice Chair 2015-2017
  • Achievement in Stage Management from KCACTF region 5 for Frankenstein 1930
  • Northern Boundary USITT Scholarship to National Conference for Scene Design of Oleanna
  • William Steil Technical Theatre and Dance Scholarship 2016-2017
  • Achievement in Stage Management from KCACTF region 5 for Titanic the Musical
  • Brianna Richmond- Cowles Theatre and Dance Scholarship 2015-2016
  • Loraine Larson Theatre and Dance Scholarship 2014-2015
Some MSU characters at USITT

Thanks for chatting with us, Jayme! We wish you the best of luck as you continue your education in Stage Management. We'll miss you here! Stay tuned to get to know more of our talented students.

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