Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It's time to open yet another show at MSU! We're winding down, but you won't want to miss our next studio show, Paula Vogel's And Baby Makes Seven! The cast size may be small, but the characters you'll meet are many. In this hilarious play, Anna, Ruth and Peter await the arrival of their newborn baby, but first they must rid the apartment of their three imaginary children.

Samantha Fairchild, Alyssa Johnson and Felipe Escudero

Samantha Fairchild, Felipe Escudero and Alyssa Johnson

The two women in the cast each play more than one character in the play. Alyssa Johnson plays Anna (one of the female adults) and Cecil (a 9-year-old genius child). Samantha Fairchild plays Ruth (one of the female adults) as well as Orphan (a 6-year-old child raised by wild dogs) and Henri (a 7-year-old boy from France). Finally, Felipe Escudero plays Peter, the only male in this trio.

Samantha Fairchild and Felipe Escudero

Samantha Fairchild

The play is being directed by Kristin Fox, a 2nd Year MFA Directing Candidate. "I chose this play because it is a story that is close to my heart. A story about three young adults learning about what it truly means to be a “grown-up”. For these characters, they believe that growing up process means having to kill their inner child, however, throughout the course of this play we learn that it is rather the opposite and the hanging on to a piece of our inner child is what truly allows us to grow and learn the most about ourselves."

Alyssa Johnson and Samantha Fairchild

Samantha Fairchild

Set in 1984, the play has many themes relevant in today's culture. One of the most prominent is the growth of LGBTQA rights and awareness over the past 3 decades. Fox is very grateful to have such a wonderful group of people to help share this story. "This has been a fantastic process. I have been very fortunate to have such a talented cast and design team for this production.  Everyone has been on board with the playfulness of this show from the very beginning. Between going back to the ‘80s for the styles of the clothing and the “interesting” interior decorating choices of the time period, there has been ample opportunity for fun and play within the design elements. Also the dedication of the actors to play so many characters, often simultaneously, has been so fantastic to work with on this project."

Samantha Fairchild and Alyssa Johnson

And Baby Makes Seven opens TONIGHT in the Andreas Theatre at 7:30 PM, and plays through Saturday, April 1st. You won't want to miss this one! Buy your tickets at or call the box office at 507-389-6661. We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

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