Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kiddie Tour Sets Sail this Thursday!

Students gathered in the Ted Paul Theatre on the first day of classes to watch a preview of this years Kiddie Tour, The Stolen Wind. The show was written by Senior BFA Acting Candidate, Alex Blesi. "I've always enjoyed writing and I really wanted to try writing a kids show," says Blesi. "The story itself came from the help of Sarah Thomas [Junior BFA] and Maureen O'Malley [Senior BFA]. They told me to think about what interested me as a child and the answer was instant: female pirates."
And so it began.

Katie Van Denise, Megan Fischer and Samantha Buckley.

Cleverly directed by 2nd Year MFA Acting Candidate, Doni Marinos, The Stolen Wind is a charming musical about three female pirates (Daisy Jones, Peggy and One-Eyed Sue) who set out to steal back their "stolen wind." They spend their days sailing the seas, searching for lost treasure so they can donate it to people in need. Not your typical pirate behavior. After a day helping others, they come back to find that the wind as been stolen and to get it back they must battle the 3 keepers of the wind and find the Wind Thief. During their pursuit they will learn about perseverance, being kind to others, and the importance of second chances. The cast consists of seven freshman: Samantha Buckley, Felipe Escudero, Megan Fischer, Braden Hanafee-Major, Sheila Tacheny, Katie Van Denise and Cassie Virnig.

Samantha Buckley, Katie Van Denise, Megan Fischer and Sheila Tacheny.

Samantha Buckley, Katie Van Denise, Megan Fischer and Felipe Escudero.

The show's music was a collaboration. "We knew we wanted a variety of music in the show so we brought on 3 musicians: Maureen O'Malley, John Nicol and Billy Gleason," says Marinos. Together, the three students wrote an exceptionally dynamic score that not only helps advance the plot line, but will also have students dancing in their seats.

Sheila Tacheny, Cassie Virnig, Braden Hanafee-Major, Katie Van Denise,
Samantha Buckley and Megan Fischer.

Katie Van Denise, Braden Hanafee-Major, Samantha Buckley and Megan Fischer.

The cast of The Stolen Wind takes a bow.

The cast is set to make their debut touring performance at United South Central this Thursday. We wish them the very best of luck as they begin their pirate adventures!

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