Monday, October 31, 2016

Spotlight On: Amanda Mai

It's time to get to know your MSU Performers!

Throughout the remainder of the year, we'll be spending time getting to know performers in both the Theatre and Dance Departments! You'll hear about how they got their start in their field, what projects they're working on and more! To kick us off, we sat down with seasoned Musical Theatre Major, Amanda Mai!! You may recognize her for playing roles such as Ariel in Footloose, Mayzie LaBird in Seussical and most recently, Estelle in The Full Monty. Read on to find our more about this talented girl! 

Name: Amanda Mai
Hometown: Beaver Dam, WI
Year/Major: Senior, Musical Theatre

How did you get your start in theatre? My hometown has a great children's theatre program, so I started doing shows there every summer around the age of 8. From there I fell in love with it, so I've been doing it ever since!
Amanda as Ariel in Footloose

What's your favorite thing about theatre? Telling stories and making audiences feel something. If I get to make somebody either laugh or cry, it's a good day.  Bonus points for both.
Amanda (Gold) in Xanadu

Favorite MSU Theatre Memory: I loved playing the role of Calliope in Xanadu. I just got to be silly and it was a lot of fun.  I don't like to talk about the rollerskating though...

Current Role: Carrie in Carrie!

What's your favorite part about playing this role?  My favorite part is trying to figure out her complex and unconventional relationships with the other characters, specifically her mom! I also love working with this amazing team of artists; every person involved in this show is fantastic. 

Plans After Graduation: Right now I am planning to do a lot of auditions next semester and I'll just see where that takes me!

Advice For Aspiring Performers? Own yourself.  Don't try to be the next Sutton Foster. There was no Sutton Foster before her and there will not be another after her. All you can do is be the best version of yourself and in reality, THAT is what will bring you success. 

We loved getting to know Amanda and we hope you did too! Stay tuned to hear more from your other favorite performers! 
Amanda as Mayzie in Seussical

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