Thursday, April 21, 2016

Students present Shakespeare!

Here at MSU, we do 17 shows a year! 6 on the Main Stage, 4 Studio Shows, 2 Dance Concerts, 4 Highland Summer Theatre Shows and 1 Kiddie Tour. This year we thought, "Why not add another?!" Third year MFA Acting Candidate, TS McCormick decided to direct a production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, treating it as an educational opportunity for the students to delve into classical acting. With 10 weeks of rehearsal, the students spent almost one quarter of their time in the classroom, working on improving their technical understanding of acting Shakespeare's language. Perfecting blank verse isn't easy, and these students have worked incredibly hard!

Most people know this timeless story of young love, but McCormick and his cast have taken a classical piece of Elizabethan theatre and given it a modern twist. "We give you a youthful, edgy, contemporary take on this classic piece of theatre. The surreal world exists in parallel to our own, and we embrace the differences with an open heart." -TS McCormick

Logan Sulentic as Tybalt

Alex Blesi (Romeo), Alyssa Mordal (Balthasar) and Tucker Brewster Schuster (Benvolio)

Alex Blesi (Romeo)

Alyssa Mordal (Balthasar), Benjamin Merz (Abram) and Tucker Brewster Schuster (Benvolio)

Alexis Vencill as Juliet

Alexis Vencill (Juliet) and Michael Sheeks (Lord Capulet)

Samantha Fairchild (Sampson) and Rebecca Hunkins (Gregory)

The cast of Romeo and Juliet
You have one more chance to see Romeo and Juliet tonight at 7:00 in Studio 113! Don't miss it!

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