Thursday, November 12, 2015

Time marches on, and 'Time Stands Still' is up next ...

"Time Stands Still" Director Michael Sheeks had a great Q&A with The Free Press this week. Read all about his vision for the show below!

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Michael Sheeks is the director of "Time Stands Still."

Sarah (Alex Blesi) evaluates Richard’s (Logan Sulentic) embryonic girlfriend, Mandy (Maureen O’Malley) as James (Jordan Wolfe) looks on nervously.

Sarah (Alex Blesi, top right) and James (Jordan Wolfe, seated) surprise Richard (Logan Sulentic) and Mandy (Maureen O’Malley) by tying the knot.

Sarah (Alex Blesi) contemplates her next steps with James (Jordan Wolfe).

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